Public Transportation

The state of California is going through a transportation disaster, with congestions, overwhelming commutes and major negative effects on our environment, economy, and quality of life. To solve this issue we need to invest in alteration of public transit to make commuting more efficient, safe, and healthy. Our government needs to considerably fund and prioritize our public transportation.


Local funds are used for capital and operational purposes and to match federal and state sources.

Regional funds are for development, organizing and allocating funds for local and regional projects. For example, the State Transportation Improvement Programs funds 75% towards metropolitan planning organizations and regional transportation planning agencies.

State funds are used for new capital developments such as the extension of transit systems and new highway lanes, and conservation overheads such as street and highway resurfacing.

Federal funds are used for new interstate highways, railroads and bridges.


  • Personally, I would suggest that we would be the leading state to promote safer air quality by biking to work or using public transportation.
  • Increase safety and mobility, especially for our elderly population.
  • Eliminate greenhouse gas; so we can improve public health and air quality.
  • Guarantee that rural communities have access to public transportation systems.

FUTURE OF TRANSIT in California:

Hyperloop- creates new mode of travel, less congestion, cheaper, redefines economic engine clusters and can potentially run all over the nation.

Driverless Cars- Less deaths due to drunk driving and this would also help people who do not drive motor vehicles for example, our elderly or disabled population.

Waterpower/electric cars- will improve our air quality and we will have more charging stations instead of gas stations.

Uber/Lyft- There will be less car owners and more people using their apps to get a ride. This will also improve air quality. However, we need to find funding gaps created by the sales tax on cars.

Expanding Bart- Bart tracks will soon reach Antioch, San Jose, Livermore, central valley and southern California. This will give more communities a better chance to be connected.

LA’s new transit system- The people mover system will transport people by rail to LAX and people will be able to pay using the GoLA app and will be completed by 2024.

More bike lanes- Healthier individuals and no air pollution.