Sanctuary Cities

The Mendacious Politics of Sanctuary Cities
By Dr. Harmesh Kumar

The current clime of today’s politics isn’t providing justice when it comes to the diverted policies of Sanctuary Cities. Lamentably, our politicians both republicans and democrats have not validly asserted what the underlying problem is, instead what they have done is to play politics at the expense of Californian citizens and immigrant families at large. Being in the mental health profession for 33 years, I would like to say to both parties that “enough is enough.” I indisputably won’t fall into this game for political circus meanwhile not solving the issue at hard. Thousands of families want answers and not demagoguery; they want transparency and not politics of fear that so frequently divides us.

The local police in these cities face opposition and distrust from community leaders and residents in low income neighborhoods where respect for authority has historically strained and threaten the safety of our local officers. The cooperation between local and federal authorities on immigration enforcement increases tension and incites fear in our youth for their family’s safety and future. This is considered counter-productive when our Attorney General Jeff Sessions moves to call an end to U.S. “sanctuary cities” in the center of undefined immigration policies and legislation.

This is how if I am elected by you as your Governor, I will once and for all deal with this issue keeping Californian families safe, but also protecting undocumented families and their children.
The U.S. Department of Justice looks to cut federal grants to sanctuary cities as these public funds provide programs that aid low income families in communities facing gentrification and a lack of affordable housing. This confrontational attitude does not help anyone. We need to find solutions to our complicated problems and that is what good and honest leaders do without fear and with courage. If an undocumented individual is living in California peacefully and wholeheartedly abiding by the laws of the state, then he/she should have nothing to fear. I have personally met hundreds of people in line legally to get the permanent residency but it takes years to get the proper permanent visa due to the lack of sincerity from our Congress to deal with Immigration policies more effectively.

Now only people who love this confusion is my attorney friends because they make more money from poor people who are scared and confused due to the lack of clarity in our immigration policies. Let’s not forget thousands of undocumented families do massively contribute to the economy of the state without at times collecting any taxes back. The same is the case for employment based visas. They contribute to California’s economy. Now, if undocumented individuals are committing felonies I myself don’t think the state should get involved with Homeland Security agents. I believe these individuals should be deported if they are undocumented, plain and simple; our citizens deserve more from us, the leaders of our communities. Let’s stop calling Sanctuary Cities a harbor of criminality and no rule of law.
Everyone is welcomed to California as long as our state laws are abided by and protected. With our confusing policies we are also sending another message to criminals that if you are committing crimes in our home state then we will not punish “you” so that you can continue to become bolder in damaging our properties and lives. In psychological terminology we know that when parents (State and Federal Governments) are fighting among themselves then children do not get the most effective advice and they adopt dysfunctional ways and lead a troubled life. However, when parents are together helping the child understand the pros and cons of their behaviors in real life and they get the same feedback from the both parents then they turn out to be good and productive members of the community that is how it was before this commercial political correctness and sugar coating started by so called “political pundits” through their political consulting companies.

We can also see how every medicine even though it will be bad for our children and their bodies but it is sugar coated with very pleasant fruit flavors by pharmaceutical companies so that children can get “hooked” on these medications when they are children and they will continue to buy those medications when they become adults. In the same way, our state politicians are inciting people not to listen to our federal agencies then they are giving the message to those trouble makers not to worry, they will not be touched even if they are committing crimes. We know that punishment to be effective; it should be instant and not delayed. All peace loving individuals are frustrated with the kind of politics they see around them and sometimes are falsely labeled as “racist”, even though they are some who are emboldened by our politicians to spread the venom of hatred during this confusion as we saw the example at UC Berkeley protests leading to riots few weeks ago. Too much analysis by blaming the other party does lead to paralysis and this is what is happening in our local communities.

We are spending too much money on our keeping us safe or managing these demonstrations in our cities, state and national capitals but of no benefit to those who are looking for affordable housing, affordable health care, elder care and those who are looking for quality education and child care for their children. The mental health of our communities is being negatively impacted as we see so many people becoming homeless with mental and physical disabilities on our streets and also in jails as our current system of care or safety net is of “no use” to them.

Let’s bring sincere and honest servants in political arena who wants to really serve people rather than themselves or their masters. We need to be aware and tell our politicians to stop playing politics in the name of “Sanctuary Cities” and not get us divided.