Invest in Human Development

It’s very important to invest in Human Development. Human Development alone deserves a better and an in-depth approach under my administration. I would like to start by saying, I will make it a top priority in my first 100 days. Therefore, allow me to explain how I’ll do just that.

Investment in Education:

I will make education affordable by pulling more funding to afterschool programs to assist low income families across the state. I will also make teachers are motivated to teach their students and stir in them a desire to grow and compete in the 21st century job market.

I will design a committee to investigate and report back to me on how to best invest in low income neighborhoods in the state to make more school building helping UC and CSU system respectively. I want to see innovation and creativity to be the beacon of our pride statewide. I will be that leader this state is waiting for.


Investment in Families:

I will invest in programs to assist families with counseling and family programs. Lamentably, once divorced parents are split it makes very hard on their children who truly suffer as a result of their parents’ decisions. I will invest in relation development helping every Californian couple to get ahead in our state.

I will work with psychologists across the state and will provide the best of assistance so families don’t have to split and children have to suffer any longer. I know California needs a strong leader and I am that leader once and for all. This investment in families will happen within my first 100 days.


Investment in job training:

I will put together a group of silicon valley experts within my first 100 days and design the best job training in the country helping struggling male and female breadwinners get better higher paying jobs to assist their families pulling them out once and for all from the poverty line which has been afflicting many families across the state.

I will design groups across the state to train skills from computer science, nursing, psychology, math, lab technician skills highly needed in today’s job market. These job training will be free of cost as long as these trainees do pursue jobs once having gone through our job training.