Study Impact of Automation

This point speaks deep in my heart; the lamentable automation of today’s industry. It’s harder and harder for us to fight against the rise of technology for more and more factories are opting for machinery to better and faster produce and design products. We really are running out of time in this so convoluted market. Thus, here is what I will do should I have the honor and privilege to be your governor.

Work with multination corporations:

  • I will work with multinational corporations and put limits on how much automation they can bring to the state.
  • I will charge high taxes on new machinery per company.
  • I will require a percentage of employees to be hired per company. For instance, companies should have minimum 70% workforce as opposed to 20or 30% some companies now have.
  • I will also implement restrictions on imported machinery. Any machinery to be utilized by a factory will have to be made in California.
  • I will open up new markets offering tax breaks and financial incentives for companies that hire more workers.
  • I will offer financial incentives for startups companies to do business in California not only in Silicon Valley, but across the state.
  • I will also offer financial incentives for companies from other states to come open up their factories here in California, the Golden State.
  • I will pass a state law that will require companies to compensate every worker whose job is lost because of automation statewide

Work with Californian workers:

  • I will work with every Californian worker to opt for other jobs if their unemployment was because of automation.
  • I will work with law makers to open up job training workshops to better allocate workers.
  • I will raise unemployment benefits for every worker in California if automation is the cause of their unemployment.
  • I will work with the federal government to help veterans get ahead in the work market securing better jobs for them and their families.
  • I will work with my cabinet officials to properly regulate these rules signed by me from Sacramento.
  • I will honor my pledge to every Californian worker that I will fight for them and their job to keep them employed for the forcible future.