Welcome to East Contra Costa County District Attorney Town Hall 2017

It’s with distinctive honor and pleasure I divulge this great event that took place today (9/9/2017) at Miracle Temple 2425 Cutting BLVD Richmond, CA 94804. Notwithstanding, I’d like to congratulate Contra Costa County Racial Justice Coalition who coordinated this event for the community of Richmond and neighboring cities of CCC (Contra Costa County).

It was refreshing to hear these candidates (some sitting judges) say they unequivocally oppose massive incarceration, severe sentences in case of youthful misdemeanor and case to case death penalty rulings. As a candidate for California Governor I favor candidates who although want to uprightly uphold the rule of law also share a sense of compassion and love for others and believe in restorative justice model.

This event shed a light of what kind of community we strive in Contra Costa County and California as a whole. Seeing these candidates engage with the community, answering questions, hearing concerns and fears really took fear and worry out of the room. The rule of law should certainly be upheld, though a community District Attorney oriented person should also be taken into account when deciding who should take the post of CCC District Attorney.

The major thing I must point out during the event was when it was openly discussed the possibility of town halls and accountability discussion panels to hold CCC leading attorney accountable and sensitive to the needs of the community. We can’t talk about the past and how Mr. Mark Peterson held his office; I think it is water under the bridge, but now a more focused people first leader is what this county demands and readily craves.

As a candidate for Governor I can’t sit around and not participate in these events to help this needed community. I must hear these concerns and address them myself knowing fully well why this trend of intense criminalization of every day Californian must stop. It is inconceivable there are more incarceration facilities being built than school and hospitals in our vast communities. As if it is a directory we should uphold; a thousand times NO.

We can’t allow private enterprises to profit off of the disparity and misery of our low income citizens especially off of people of color in our state. As one of the candidates said in the forum that being poor is not criminal and our system is treating poor people as criminal especially people of color. I won’t vote or support any DA candidate who thinks our people are for sale; those days are over. Should I be your candidate for governor you should rest assured I will fight for every Californian being the state leader for everyone no matter race, language, tribe or creed.

I want voters to know I am out there hearing your interests, concerns and worries. I pledge to continue on attending these events to inform the public I want to help you the people of our great state. We can’t play politics with people’s lives any longer. It’s time to stand tall and firm to uphold what’s right, fair and equitable. Our local, state and federal budget should invest in people’s needs and not the needs of the institutions and or corporations. I myself as your governor will thrive to meet voters across the state taking every question very seriously. I won’t stop, I won’t surrender, I won’t back down…our future is on the line and that I truly hold dear.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Kumar 4 Governor 2018