A Concept of “Smart City, Smart Home” Soulless Slogan?

I was very impressed with the presentation of the consultants in workshop on June 17, 2017 on the development of the Concord Naval Weapon Station and the vision for Concord Naval Weapon Station in the years to come. They beautifully explained the concepts of “Smart City and Smart Homes”. However, I asked the question to one of the consultants, is this proposal of “Smart City and Smart Home” a concept for ordinary people or for multinational corporations (billionaires) to remotely control all of us in our own homes? I wonder what it means in the world where most of the labor jobs are being taken by computers and automation? We know that it is becoming hard for most of the men and women to find a meaningful employment to raise their families in the safe environment. Do we as human beings giving more control to those companies to manage our homes and lives? Do we have to pay them to ask them when we can eat or sleep or how we can raise our children? Is this the concept of “Smart City or Smart Home”? These are very relevant questions we need to find the answers. The consultant told me that she did not have answers to those questions.
Next day I was reading an article in the East Bay Times by Jeremy Cloward on,” Capitalism a real threat to American Republic” where he mentioned “20 individuals owned half of the wealth than bottom half of the American people combined and 62 people on the planet possess more wealth than the bottom half of the humanity combined” We really need to pay attention to who is going to be the real owners of these Smart Cities or Homes?. These questions like many more I would like to explore in the next Governor’s debates and I am looking forward to share my piece. Please visit my website for suggestion or feedback at www.drkumar4governor.com