An Analysis of British and US Election

The key feature of the British Election of June 8th 2017 and the US election of Nov 2016 is that neither the pundits nor the politicians understand the voter sentiment.
As for the UK elections, until a few days ago pundits predicted a Tory victory, then exit polls predicted a hung parliament. Equally, in the USA until the 11th hour pundits predicted a victory for Democrats, but on Election Day the voters did not reflect the expectations of the Pundits.
Hindsight is always 20-20 and various, excuses will be made and have been made! Yet, there is no attempt to neither accept the voter’s choice nor understand its cause. Even as Pundits study their data models to explain the outcome and Politicians grapple with the election, results and scramble to organize what they term to be an effective political power base. They fail to include the voters and understand the voter sentiment.
One fact is common to many elections, which have taken place around the world. Voters and the public are tired of the political strife and lack of productive and/or effective government. These elections both global and within our nation should be a wakeup call to our politicians and their backers. The voter is not happy with the way you are doing things and above all the voters are not happy being ignored.
Reflecting on the British election, I feel it is very important for us in California as we prepare to elect our next governor in November 2018 that politicians now understand:
• They cannot bait and switch.
• They need keep their promises after they get our votes.
• The outcome of any referendum or initiative is a mandate for the legislative and executive branch to implement and make happen as directed by the voters.
As your governor, I pledge to honor you, the voters and adhere to all the voter mandated referendums or initiatives to the letter. I pledge not to redirect funding from a voter directed mandate with complete transparency to insure every penny is spent as directed by you.
Over the coming months leading up to the November 2018 Gubernatorial Election, I ask that as you select your choice for governor. Please ask yourself one simple question: “Did the person/s I voted to elect keep their promises?”. In asking for your support I pledge to you my commitment “A Promise made will be a Promise kept!”